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We are a company established in 1996 in Vergiate by the Menzago brothers, with the objective of supplying on-demand precision mechanical processing services to customer drawings/specifications. The main characteristics of Metaltech S.r.l. are the ample flexibility and the in-depth knowledge of the technologies intended mainly for the processing of components, semi-finished products, and tools in the avionic and mechanical sector.
Metaltech S.r.l. works at national level with customers increasingly concerned with quality and more and more stringent specifications, and is therefore fully aware of the need of being able of always guaranteeing and demonstrating a product and service quality capable of consistently meeting the needs of its customers. With this in mind, Metaltech S.r.l. has obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 approval from I.C.I.M. Istituto di Certificazione Industriale per la Meccanica (Industrial Certification Institute for the Mechanical Sector).